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We are continuously looking to develop and enhance our team. If you have experience and training in the protective field, or are looking to break into this demanding, but highly rewarding industry, MPS Security welcomes the opportunity to build a strong and healthy working relationship with you.

By applying for employment with MPS Security & Protection, I vow that, if I am hired, I will adhere to the company's core values:

  • Honor: We are honest, loyal, and fair in our business practices.
  • Win-Win: Our relationships with customers, employees, and partners will benefit all parties.
  • Dedication: We are motivated and enthusiastic in our commitment to providing service to our clients the MPS Way.

Step 1:
The guard card Class

BSIS (Bureau of Security and Investigative Service) is the State of California agency responsible for issuing Guard Cards. Guard Card training consists of two courses:

  1. Powers to Arrest
  2. Weapons of Mass Destruction

Step 2:

After you pass the Guard Card class you must submit fingerprints via LIVESCAN and undergo a background check. For your convenience, find a LIVESCAN facility near you.

Step 3:
Apply Online

The State of California makes it easy to apply online with BreEZe. Just click the link to apply online now!


Guard Card FAQ

The State of California requires all security officers (no matter if uniformed or plain clothed), loss prevention agents, bouncers, bodyguards, night watchmen, protective agents or anyone else employed in any capacity related to security, access control, theft prevention and protection to possess a valid Guard Card. If you work in any capacity related to protection and security you must possess a valid Guard Card. Once you receive your Guard Card it is valid for two years from the date of issue and allows you to be the employee of any PPO (what is a PPO?) or proprietary security employer.

Guard Cards are issued by BSIS based upon BSIS standards and requirements. We are providing your training but the State of California will issue your guard card. We do not issue Guard Cards and we do not guarantee that BSIS will approve your Guard Card application.

The Guard Card course is an eight hour course of training divided into two sections. The first four hours are based on the "Power to Arrest" (PTA) Training Manual developed by BSIS. This course is a self-paced workbook, study guide, quiz's and a final examination. The second four hour section is the "Weapons of Mass Destruction" (WMD) course based on the student guide, workbook and training videos provided by BSIS. This course is conducted using video lecture, workbook study and written examination. Students must complete both to apply for their Guard Card. The PTA test consists of an OPEN BOOK TEST on which you must attain a score of 100%. The WMD test consists of a ten question test on which you must score 80% or better.

If you're ready to get your State of California Guard Registration Card and work as a uniformed or plain clothed security officer in California then you're in the right place!

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