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Hostile Employee Terminations

Hostile Employee Terminations

In the back of any human resources director’s mind is the thought that terminating an employee could result in a volatile situation. Threats of workplace violence following termination are some of the highest risks that management and human resource professionals encounter. In fact, seventy-five percent of all workplace acts of violence have occurred during or…

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Best Private Uniformed Security Services in Palm Springs

Uniformed Security Services in Palm Springs

How to Choose the Best Private Uniformed Security Company in Palm Springs? Our world is uncertain, and seemingly more tumultuous by the day. It’s never been harder to predict where criminal activity might occur, or to what end; indeed, burglaries, acts of terrorism, assaults, thefts, and active shooter situations seem to be unfolding in the…

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Why You Need Uniformed Security for Your Retail Premises in Ontario

Security Active Shooter Survival

As the owner of a retail store, you have certain responsibilities to your employees, your customers—and yes, even to yourself. First and foremost, it’s up to you to take reasonable efforts to keep everyone safe and secure. That’s where uniformed security for retail in Ontario comes into play. Unfortunately, in our unpredictable world, that’s harder…

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Things to Consider When Hiring a Private Security Firm in San Bernardino

private security San Bernadino

As a business owner, you have responsibilities toward your employees and toward your customers—including the responsibility to keep them all as safe as possible through the provision of a secure business environment. This is often something that requires outside expertise and in particular the enlistment of uniformed security guards. MPS Security is the best Private…

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Business Security Services in Riverside

mps security

Does Your Business Need a Security Service? As a business owner, you naturally want to maintain a safe and secure work environment. This might mean installing alarm systems and video cameras, , business security service or training employees on how to respond to an emergency situation. At some point, you may entertain the notion of…

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Uniformed Security Guards in San Diego

uniformed security

Whether you’re running a business or you’re planning a public event, you simply can’t be too careful. We live in a world where unexpected horrors unfold all the time, and you have a responsibility to keep your employees, volunteers, customers, or event-goers as safe and secure as possible. That’s what makes it so vital to…

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Business Ethics in Private Security – Byron Rodgers interviews Michael Julian (Part 1)

Private Security Business Ethics (Episode 21) feat. Michael Julian and Byron Rodgers Business Ethics in Private Business – Byron Rodgers interviews Michael Julian. In Episode 21 of Byron Rodger’s podcast, they talk about how to conduct business in an honorable and respectful way. Listen in as they discuss what makes good–and bad–business ethics. Hear more…

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Tips to Improve Warehouse Security

Warehouse Security

Warehouse and distribution centers pose a unique challenge for traditional security protocols. Due to the size and complex layout of these facilities, vulnerabilities are inevitable—and having a guard or two to patrol the facility may not be enough to keep things secure. Note also that warehouses face numerous threats—not just external ones, but also the…

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Hospital Security Trends You Need to Know

hospital security

Hospital security has always been a tricky business. On the one hand, it’s of paramount importance to keep patients and medical assets safe and secure, with minimal disruption to the doctors and nurses who are administering care. At the same time, hospital technology and pharmaceuticals make for prime targets for theft. The sheer scope and…

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