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What Is Executive Protection?

If you’re considering executive protection services in San Jose, CA, it helps to understand exactly what this level of security is. Executive protection is more than having a security guard at your door. It is having a dedicated Executive Protection Agent who understands your specific threats and concerns, and has experience working with high-profile clients.

Hiring executive protection starts with an in-depth threat assessment and analysis. This data is then used to develop a comprehensive executive protection plan. This plan is designed to prevent issues before they arise. It is also a plan that allows you to move around with less fear. It provides greater peace of mind that you and your loved ones will be safe from potential harm.

High Net-Worth & Executive Bodyguard Services in San Jose

Who can benefit from hiring executive protection in San Jose? Our trained and professional Executive Protection Agents have worked with high net-worth individuals, prominent business owners and company officials, political figures, dignitaries, celebrities, and other high-profile persons who have found themselves in the spotlight, whether intentionally or unintentionally.

Services we provide include:

  • Estate protection
  • Personal protection at red carpet and other social events
  • Security during high-stakes negotiations or hostile terminations
  • Travel escort security
  • Ensuring the safe transport of valuable possessions from one location to another

Trained and Licensed Executive Protection Professionals

When you choose MPS Security as your executive protection provider, you have access to our entire team of seasoned security professionals. MPS Executive Protection Agents take their jobs seriously, often drawing on their years of experience as military personnel and law enforcement officers to provide our clients a higher level of security and protection.

MPS is a licensed security provider, enabling us to provide executive protection services in San Jose, CA, as well as other areas across the nation. We also have international partnerships, should the need arise. This enables us to provide high-profile clients continuous, uninterrupted protective services when traveling across the globe.

MPS VIP Security Services San Jose CA

At MPS, we have one primary goal: stop dangerous situations before they start. We believe that the best way to avoid an issue is to keep it from happening in the first place. That’s what we set out to do for our San Jose executive protection clients.

Contact us today to schedule your individualized threat assessment or to learn more about our executive protection services in San Jose, CA.


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