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What To Do During An Active Shooter Emergency (Michael Julian on KUSI News)

By Michael Julian | November 9, 2018

Watch Michael Julian, security expert and President of ALIVE (Active Shooter Survival Plan), on KUSI News as he discusses his ALIVE Workshop. Michael explains the importance of assessing the situation, mitigating potential damage, and increasing your chance of survival during an active shooter emergency.

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Security Expert Hits Costa Mesa with A.L.I.V.E. Active Shooter Survival Training

By Michael Julian | September 11, 2018

MURRIETA, CA – Security Industry Expert Michael Julian of MPS Security, based out of southern Calif., will conduct his renowned A.L.I.V.E. active shooter survival training in Costa Mesa, Calif. on Tuesday, September 11, at 5 p.m. With an increasing amount of active shooter tragedies in the United States, it is crucial to know what to…

Safe Shamrocked Festival

A.L.I.V.E. Active Shooter Survival Training Scheduled for Las Vegas, NV

By Michael Julian | September 6, 2018

MURRIETA, CA – Security Expert Michael Julian of MPS Security, based out of southern Calif., is bringing his in demand A.L.I.V.E. Active Shooter Survival Training in Las Vegas on Saturday, September 30th. The location of last year’s devastating Route 91 Harvest Festival mass shooting, which killed 59 people and injured 527, will be the host…

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MPS Security Gets Safe at Get Shamrocked Irish Music Festival

By Michael Julian | September 8, 2016

MURRIETA, CA – For the previous three years, MPS Security a national, Murrieta-based security agency has been responsible for the management of security for the Get Shamrocked Irish Music Festival. This two-day festival of Celtic culture includes music, dancing and food. Now acclaimed as the premier Celtic music festival on the West Coast, this event…

Safe Shamrocked Festival

Security: Critical Step in Event Management

By Michael Julian | August 16, 2016

Security Industry Expert Presents at Festivals & Events Conference Orlando, FL- Security industry expert, Michael Julian presented at the Florida Festivals and Events Association conference on the topic of threat and risk management for event professionals. The conference incorporates over 40 educational seminars, roundtable discussions and idea labs, one of which includes a personal speaking…

Active Shooter Survival Skills

Active Shooter Survival Skills Taught to Businesses and Residents

By Michael Julian | July 21, 2016

Most active shooter events end in 10 minutes or less. Training session provides lessons in preparedness Murrieta, CA – Murrieta businesses and residents are invited to sign up for a 2-hour Active Shooter Survival Skills workshop designed to educate, inform and prepare individuals who might come in contact with an active shooter. With increasing public…

Michael Julian Interview

Active Shooter Survival Interview w/ Michael Julian, President & CEO of MPS Security

By Michael Julian | July 15, 2016

View the full clip of the ABC7 interview with MPS Security & Executive Protection CEO and President Michael Julian on Active Shooter Survival.