Protect Your Supply Chain: Warehouse Security Measures

Warehouse facilities tend to have massive strategic significance; simply put, the warehouse where you store products and supplies, and prepare them for distribution, is a lynchpin to your entire enterprise. Unfortunately, warehouses are also primary targets for vandalism and theft—precisely because most warehouses are well-stocked and lightly-secured. With the right warehouse security measures, though, you can protect your supply chain against these acts of burglary.

CCTV Surveillance and Monitoring

What does effective warehouse security actually look like, though? Start with CCTV monitoring, which allows you to readily see even the remotest areas of your warehouse—always being alert to what’s going on throughout the facility. CCTV security systems can give you “eyes” in the places you need them the most.

Mobile Patrol Services

CCTV can be an effective way to remain informed, but it’s not always a strong deterrent. For that, you need feet on the ground—such as a mobile patrol service. Ensure that you have someone actively walking through the warehouse to provide heightened industrial security.

Armed and Unarmed Security Personnel

Along the same lines, effective commercial security may also require you to have uniformed guards—with or without firearms—positioned in highly visible areas, keeping watch and deterring potential wrongdoers from attempting entry.

Alarm Response and Verification

An alarm system can also be vital for industrial security—but be careful: It’s not enough just to have an alarm system installed. You also need protocols in place to respond promptly to any alarms that go off, and to verify when there is a real security threat.

Locking Devices and Key Controls

Another important aspect of commercial security is having locking devices and key controls—including external and internal windows, doors, gates, and fences that are all fitted with the proper locking devices.

Secure Delivery Points

One thing that makes warehouses so hard to secure is that there tends to be a lot of activity, a lot of incoming and outgoing traffic. Drop off points and delivery points are vulnerable spots for thefts, so invest in steel security grilles. It is a versatile level of protection for your warehouse.

Protect Entrance Points

Similarly, you want to have an extra layer of security anywhere people are coming and going. We recommend investing in steel security doors. (High-security door locks are also valuable investments, adding a valuable layer of armor to your warehouse security.)

Secure Stock and Inventory

Warehouse security is ultimately about keeping your stock and inventory secure—and one way to do that is by using security cages. These increase protection as both stand-alone enclosures and built into large, close fitting areas.

Separate Car Parks from Access Points

It’s advisable to separate your shipping docks from the general staff and visitor parking areas. This eliminates the opportunity wrongdoers might have to pull up, sneak in, and quickly remove items from your warehouse.

Hire a Security Consultant

There’s obviously a lot to think about here, and it can be overwhelming just keeping your warehouse security measures up to date. Rather than be daunted, review your security efforts with a trained professional—someone who can spot potential vulnerabilities and show you the most effective ways to keep your warehouse safe.

That’s where MPS Security comes in. We have decades of experience as a private security consultation firm and can provide you with individualized solutions to keep your supply chain protected. We can also provide you with guards and other security personnel as needed.

The first step is reaching out to the MPS Security team and scheduling a consultation. Contact us today to schedule yours, or to ask any additional questions you may have about site security.

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