Hostile Termination

Our Uniformed Officers and plain clothes agents are trained to prevent problems before they happen or, if they need to, take action to keep your employees safe and secure.

Threats of workplace violence following termination are some of the highest risks that management and human resource professionals encounter. Seventy-five percent of all workplace acts of violence have occurred during or after the firing process. MPS Security will aid you in securing the situation, allowing your employees to continue their responsibilities without further concern.

Whether you are evaluating an employee's risk of violence, or you fear a hostile termination may incite violence, having trained plain clothes and uniformed security to provide workplace protection and hostile termination security in California is a smart precaution. The security concerns involved in a termination can lead to sleepless nights for the person in charge.

When termination services are required, executive protection could also be needed. During a hostile termination, threats often focus upon high ranking executives. Executive protection and labor dispute security are other services that we offer at MPS Security to help prevent problems and keep your workplace protected


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