Workplace Security

The American workplace is a diverse as it has ever been. With new technologies and business processes, the traditional "workplace" is dramatically different than it was even 20 years ago. Increasingly stressful environments and the industries that are continually changing, make for stressful situations where it is critical to ensure that your workplace and your employees are safe. MPS Security works with HR and Risk Managers to develop a security plan to protect your workplace, property and employees.

Is your workplace ready to take care of workplace violence? If you are unsure or think that it's not likely to happen, think about this:"Some two million American workers are victims of workplace violence annually," states MPS, that adds that"workplace violence can strike anywhere, and nobody is immune."

Noting that workplace violence can happen at or out of work, MPS Security defines it as violence or the threat of violence against employees"that may vary from threats and verbal abuse to physical assaults and homicide."

Though workplace violence can occur anywhere at any time, certain employees are at greater risk. These include workers who trade money with the general public, work independently or in little classes, and operate early late or late shifts. Furthermore, employees in certain businesses (e.g., healthcare and social services, and gas and water utilities), in addition to telephone and cable TV contractors, letter carriers, and retail employees, are at greater risk.


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