Utility Agencies Security

Public utilities, such as power plants and waste management centers, are a critical part of everyday life. They ensure that we are all able to live in a clean and hygienic environment, with all our basic necessities met.

As such, anything that disrupts these facilities could have a tremendous, negative consequence on the general populace. Unfortunately, this makes public utility facilities prime targets for acts of vandalism or for terror, perpetuated by those who only want to wreak havoc.

The good news is, it is more than possible to keep these facilities secure—and it all starts with hiring a utility agencies security company. For decades, MPS Security has been a leading name in public utility security services. We invite you to learn more about our services and the value we can offer.

The Need for Public Utility Security

Public utility companies are, by their very nature, difficult to secure—and there are constantly-changing physical security guidelines, as well. These facilities are usually sprawling, and they can have a lot of outdoor components that are challenging to keep under lock and key.

What’s more, even a small disruptive act could cause the entire facility to go haywire. And, it’s vital to spend time assessing critical infrastructure, such as generators.

That’s what makes it so essential to have a public utility agencies security company that can offer a truly customized and comprehensive approach, safeguarding the facility against any and all possible threats.

Choosing a Public Utility Security Officer

What exactly should you look for in a utility agencies security officer?

There are a number of characteristics to look for:

  • Depth of experience/track record working in public utility security services.
  • A high level of training in various security measures.
  • The ability to provide risk management, and to offer proactive (not just reactive) security solutions.
  • A high level of vigilance, and a commitment to keeping the facility safe from all possible threats.

MPS Security is proud to offer a team of utility agencies security officers who meet or exceed all of these criteria.

Top Notch Utility Agencies Security from MPS Security

MPS Security has long been an expert in providing security services of all kinds—including security details for retail locations, big events, corporate office buildings, hospitals and medical facilities, and beyond. We even offer executive protection.

Also on our list, we are proud to include public utility agencies security. We have been the go-to security detail for utility companies across the country, and are eager to talk with you more about the solutions we can provide.

Why Choose an MPS Security Officer?

There are a number of things that make our utility agencies security officers stand out from the competition:

  • Our security guards receive significant training, above and beyond what’s typical.
  • We employ security professionals with lengthy track records within the utility agencies security field.
  • MPS Security guards will work with each individual client to develop a personalized solution that meets the needs and vulnerabilities of their facility.
  • We are experts in risk management, too, and can help you avoid potential security threats before they happen.

The bottom line: Public utility facilities are incredibly important. They also happen to be highly vulnerable. With the right security expertise, however, you can keep your utility agency free and clear of any potential threats.

MPS Security is proud to work with top utility companies throughout the region, and would love to talk with you more about developing an individualized approach. To secure your utility facility, reach out to the team at MPS Security today. Ask us about our on-site security officers and the role they can play in keeping your public utility facility safe.


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