MPS Security: 2022 Spotlight on the Executive Protection Division

MPS Security has had tremendous success in investigations through its parent company, National Business Investigations, Inc. It is also extremely well known for A.L.I.V.E., its active shooter survival training program. The success of the latter is, in part, due to Michael Julian, the company’s CEO, authoring the Amazon bestselling book titled 10 Minutes to Live: Surviving an Active Shooter Using A.L.I.V.E.—a publication that offers readers a comprehensive and in-depth guide to the five critical steps they can take to help secure their safety if they ever find themselves in the midst of a mass shooting incident.

Because of the high level of success MPS has seen in each of these areas, many are unaware of another important service that MPS provides: Executive Protection, sometimes referred to simply as bodyguard or EP. Therefore, our focus in 2022 is to shine a bigger and brighter light on this portion of our business. Why? Because EP clients today demand superior service…and they’re asking for MPS by name.

Why Is the MPS Executive Protection Division in Such High Demand?

One of the factors that set MPS apart from other companies providing executive protection services is that we listen to our clients. When our clients tell us what they want and need, we hear them loud and clear.

Some of the other EP providers brush the concerns of their clients under the rug, either viewing them as insignificant or not paying them much attention because the company believes that it knows best. At MPS, we take a different approach.

Our EP Agents and Risk Management and Mitigation Advisors take the time to truly understand the security issues our clients face, also addressing the concerns that keep them up at night. This enables us to provide a personalized package that better meets their needs and wants while, at the same time, striving to go above and beyond, exceeding their expectations.

Executive Protection: A 55-Year Legacy with No Plans to Stop

Another reason clients are asking for MPS by name is that it is a family-owned business that has been around for more than 55 years. That makes it one of the oldest EP companies in the U.S.

In 1967, National Business Investigations (NBI) was created by Ron Julian, a former law enforcement officer who also served his country in the U.S. Navy. Ron started to provide personal protection early on, going the extra mile to “get the job done.”

One example of this was in the early 70s, when a huge southern California oil company faced a worker strike. Some of the strikers would follow the truck drivers not participating in the strike, also commonly referred to as scabs, create a roadblock, then beat them with baseball bats. Ron and his team were called in to stop these assaults.  Due to the size and scope of the deployment, Ron even hired his friends to put an oscillating red light on the top of their cars to make sure NBI had enough people to provide each trucker adequate protection.

Ron’s early EP services also often involved securing the safety of high-profile clients such as, when protecting the wife of a multimillion-dollar couple whose husband was believed to be trying to kill her to keep from having to pay out half of the fortune the couple had amassed. The NBI team was successful in their protection detail, preventing the soon-to-be ex-wife from facing an early demise.

Fast forward 30 years and Michael Julian, Ron’s son, formed MPS Security as a separate division of NBI, further strengthening the EP side of the business. Today, MPS offers a variety of Executive Protection services in both the real and virtual world. This enables clients, their families, and their employees to enjoy maximum privacy and safety whether in their homes, at work, or when online.

Our Executive Protection clients also enjoy security in the sense that MPS will be available to provide EP services for as long as they need, even extending to future generations. Michael Julian II, Michael’s son, is planning to continue the family’s legacy once he has satisfied his commitment to the U.S. Marine Corps.

Advanced EP Team Qualifications and Training

Michael Julian and the entire MPS team follow time-proven strategies and techniques known to increase executive protection success. Part of this knowledge has been obtained through years of training. The rest is gained through extensive EP experience.

The president of MPS is a 25-year retired FBI agent, for instance. Other members of the team are former military and/or have served in law enforcement roles at local or national levels. All EP Agents at MPS have executive dignitary and close-protection experience and training. They’re also highly trained in residential security, workplace violence mitigation, and risk management.

Because MPS is a full-service physical security firm, lessons learned in each part of the company can be utilized in other areas, providing clients with a more robust level of protection. For example, one of the attendees at an active shooter survival training course credits Michael Julian with not just saving her life, but also saving the life of her boyfriend. The same basic principles taught in that program can transfer to the EP realm as they center around situational awareness and responding to critical incidents in a way that provides maximum safety and protection.

MPS: An EP Service Provider with Los Angeles Area Roots and Whole-World Solutions

MPS has been operating in the Los Angeles area since its inception, although its services have spanned well outside the state and even the country. Whether clients request protection while living or traveling in the southern California area, or they are interested in security solutions when going to foreign countries to conduct business, MPS’ EP division stands ready to find the best solutions for their wants, needs, and potential threats.

A majority of MPS’ growth over the years has been through word of mouth. One client tells another about the high level of service they were provided, then that person contacts MPS to learn what can be done for them. This has helped establish MPS as the exclusive EP provider within a multitude of circles known to have greater security concerns.

Customized Executive Protection Services

Another difference between MPS and some of the larger EP companies is that it has not been sold to a bigger conglomerate. This enables us to provide tailor-made, customized service packages for each individual client, unlike the larger EP companies that offer nothing more than a cookie-cutter solution that may or may not work for your situation.

Working with a smaller, family-owned executive protection provider also provides a more intimate level of service. If you have a question, issue, or concern, you’re not calling a switchboard and being left on hold for hours, only to be sent to a black hole where you are asked to leave a message that is never returned. Instead, when you call MPS, you are able to talk to an actual person, probably even the CEO or President themselves, who can either answer your questions directly or transfer you immediately to someone who can.If you’re interested in learning more about what our Executive Protection division can do for you, contact an MPS Risk Advisor today. We also provide more information about our EP services online, giving you even more insight into how this particular service can offer you greater peace of mind while taking care of your personal and private business.

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