MPS Security Would Like Your EP Business. Here’s Why.

MPS offers a variety of security options, some of which include supplying trained uniformed security professionals to protect your home or business, conducting in-depth investigations on individuals and businesses, and providing access to both online and in-person active shooter survival training courses.

But one of the most elite services enjoyed by MPS clients is our executive protection or EP service offerings. While you certainly have the option to hire any EP service provider if you want or need one-on-one protection, MPS Security would like your business. Here are just a few reasons to consider working with us.

We’re Big Enough to Be Effective, Yet Small Enough to Be Personable

Several potential clients have shared their frustrations with larger EP firms. They tell us how big EP providers are slow and unresponsive. Or they have so many points of contact that they don’t know who to reach out to when an issue arises.

MPS has a large enough team to handle your executive protection needs, but we’re not so big that we can’t offer a personal touch. We pride ourselves on responding swiftly when an issue exists. We also offer our clients one point of contact, creating a simpler EP process.

MPS Offers Customizable EP Services

No two EP clients have the same situations, concerns, threats, or needs. If you go with a large executive protection provider that only offers pre-packaged options, you may be paying for services that you don’t need while foregoing services that you’d like but aren’t included. MPS eliminates this issue by offering customized EP services.

To begin, our team starts with a comprehensive risk assessment. This tells us your most likely threats while also identifying where your vulnerabilities may lie. Using this information, we will create a customized EP service offering designed specifically with your risks, vulnerabilities, security needs, and even your wants in mind.

Our Clients Enjoy White-Glove Treatment

Many MPS clients have grown accustomed to the finer things in life. We’ve provided executive protection for award-winning movie stars, well-known political figures, top recording artists, and influential entrepreneurs. Our goal is to provide every client with the same white-glove treatment that they receive in other areas of their life.

We believe that people shouldn’t sacrifice quality when it comes to protecting themselves, their families, or their employees. Executive protection and personal security can (and should) co-exist with treatment fit for royalty.

For Us, It’s About Being the Right Fit

Our executive protection agents offer all MPS clients an exemplary level of knowledge and skills in security and personal protection. But for us, EP involves more than providing a stellar level of service. It’s also about being the right fit.

It’s like walking into a high-end shoe store and seeing many different styles of footwear that are appealing to the eye. Yet, after trying them on, you quickly learn that it doesn’t matter how nice a particular shoe looks, if it doesn’t match the structure and function of your foot, it isn’t going to work for you. We approach executive protection the same way.

Before taking on a new client at MPS, we go to great lengths to make sure we are a good fit for you and that you are a good fit for us. If the relationship isn’t mutually beneficial, we don’t enter into it. It’s nothing personal, nor does it mean that you are a poor client. It simply means that we aren’t the right EP provider for you.

We Put People Over Money, Always

Anyone who is in business knows that finances are important. A company must be profitable on some level or it won’t be able to keep its doors open for long. We recognize this critical aspect of business ownership. But we also consider this factor secondary to taking care of people. With us, people will always come first over money…every single time.

Whenever faced with a decision, we consider how it will impact not just our staff but also our EP clients. If the decision could cause harm or otherwise negatively affect the people we work with or for, it doesn’t matter how much it might benefit the company financially, we aren’t going to do it.

We Treat Our Business and Employees with a High Level of Care

When you walk into a business, you can easily tell how much interest its owners have in caring for the physical property and its content. The level of care that each staff member has for others is also fairly evident in terms of how they communicate and otherwise interact.

Upon walking into MPS Security, you can feel our high level of care toward both the business itself and our employees. Our property is well-maintained, as is our equipment, the latter of which is ready for use should it be needed. We also take care of our employees, which includes creating an environment of respect in which each member of the team feels valued and appreciated.

MPS Is American Owned and Family Operated

MPS is owned and operated by Michael Julian. Michael’s father, Ron Julian, founded National Business Investigations (NBI) in Fullerton, California in 1967. Thirty years later, after growing up in the business, Michael joined the leadership team at NBI.  He then created a separate division now known as MPS Protection & Security.

MPS has since become the highest-earning sector of the organization, offering protection, security, and risk mitigation services to clients across the U.S.—including Fortune 100 companies, their executives, and their assets. Today, Michael continues to operate MPS with the same passion and foundational values that his father instilled decades ago.

We Have More Than 50 Years of Experience

MPS executive protection agents undergo a large breadth of training to ensure that they have the skill sets required to provide the level and type of security required by our EP clients. Add that to our 50+ years of experience and you have another reason to consider our services for your EP needs.

Through experience, you learn what does and doesn’t work in real-world settings. Plus, many of our EP agents have backgrounds in law enforcement and the military. These skills are transferable to security settings, giving MPS clients the ability to benefit from our team’s extensive backgrounds.

See Firsthand What MPS Can Do For YOU

You don’t have to take our word for it when considering whether MPS is the right EP provider for you. Feel free to contact us for your next request for proposal (RFP). We’d be happy to make a submission crafted for your specific situation and needs. Your protection—or the protection of your family or employees—is not an area where you should settle on less than you deserve. With MPS, you won’t have to, and these are just a few of the reasons why. Contact a risk advisor today to learn more about what we can do for you.

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