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About MPS Security

National Business Investigations, Inc (NBI) was founded in about 1967 by Ron Julian, a former law enforcement officer. NBI is a full service investigations firm focused on corporate, legal, insurance and personal investigations. Depending on case needs, clients engage NBI to perform investigations for business intelligence, counter espionage, personal and criminal background investigations, asset investigations and fraud. In 1997, Michael Julian began to actively manage the day-to-day operations of NBI, and added services to complement the existing NBI services portfolio.

In 2003, Michael Julian founded MINDERS Protective Services as a response to client needs for all levels of executive protection and travel / security escort. Due to the overwhelming demand for additional security services, MINDERS Protective Services became MPS Security in order to reflect the more complete service offering of security solutions for facilities, assets and individuals.

MPS Security, a licensed division of NBI, is a full-service security firm focused on physical and asset security using Uniformed Security Officers for site security, events, residential communities and commercial properties. Depending on client needs, MPS Security offers services such as access control, security patrols, loss prevention, fraud detection and undercover officers. MPS Security provides Risk Mitigation and Management Services using highly trained individuals with unique skill-sets for executive protection, armed security, workplace and employee protection, and travel safety escorts.

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