Active Shooter Survival Training for Everyone

Most Active Shooter events end in 10 minutes or less.  Response time by law enforcement for most Active Shooters is 12 minutes or more


Workplace Violence and Active Shooter events are on the rise in America and they can happen anywhere at any time, no matter how large or small a city or company is.  Understanding recognition of the warning signs, prevention and appropriate reaction to an actual event is no longer a side note to organizational security but a responsibility of companies to their employees and patrons.

Did you know? 

When an active shooter opens fire, on average nearly a dozen injuries and at least three deaths occur? Being prepared is the best tool for survival for you and your employees.

If an unstable employee, ex-employee, or employee family member entered your workplace with a weapon, would you and your employees know what to do? This is a serious question that every safety manager, human resources, risk management professional and employee should confidently answer “YES” to.

No one wants to think an active shooter will enter their workplace, but it could happen anywhere and it is happening with increased frequency. As in the recent massacre that occurred at the San Bernardino, California’s Inland Regional Center (IRC), where an employee left a holiday party and returned shortly after, killing 14 and injuring 17 others.


Employers can no longer subscribe to the notion that “it will never happen here,” given the frequency and severity of these deadly workplace attacks. Fortunately, MPS can train your employees to respond to an active shooter/killer attack that will mitigate their risk of injury and death.

Assess * Leave * Impede * Violence * Expose

 Available In-Person & Online Courses

  • Workplace Violence & Active Shooter/Killer Recognition Signs and Reporting
    • Identify behaviors, causes, and red flags typically associated with workplace violence and active shooter/killer incidents before they occur
    • Proper reporting of signs of a potential workplace violence event
  • Active Shooter Survival
    • Adapting a "Security Mindset" in your corporate culture
    • Train employees to ensure they know how to effectively respond to an active shooter event through A.L.I.V.E. - 5 steps to surviving an active shooter event
  • Active Shooter Preparedness
    • Scenario and practical exercises at your workplace specific to each department and facility layout
    • Develop enhanced situational awareness
    • Assessment and implementation of techniques to impede and combat an active shooter
  • Creating and Implementing a Workplace Violence Program
    • Building a WPV Program specific to your company and culture based on your company's actual risk and threat level
    • Communicate with managers to gain support and backing for your workplace violence prevention program
    • Implantation and training of your employees
  • Risk & Threat Assessment and Facility Vulnerability Audit
    • Analyze the actual risk and threat level of your organization in its current and future landscape
    • Assess the physical, electronic and access control vulnerabilities of your facility and recommend upgrades, updates and corrections

All courses taught by Michael Julian, CPI, PPS, CSP, a recognized expert in security, executive protection and risk mitigation & management, onsite at your workplace to ensure employees get a practical understanding of how the information relates to them and how it can be used where they work every day.


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"The ALIVE training was impactful. It really demonstrated how vulnerable we can be if we are not prepared. I am more confident than ever that we made the right choice in selecting Michael Julian for the ALIVE Active Shooter Survival Training. The knowledge we gained is priceless." 

Sandra Martinez
Sr. HR Generalist
West Pak Avocado, Inc.

"It’s a topic I don’t like to think about but it’s becoming more and more common in this crazy world. It’s important for me to know how to help myself or others around me in the case of an active shooter situation. Michael Julian’s ALIVE training was very eye opening. He gave me the tools to keep me more aware of my surroundings, reading body language and what reaction techniques I can use. Nobody really knows how they will react at that horrific time but I am definitely more prepared on whatever decision I chose to make and there is only three “Run, Hide or Fight”.

 Thank you Michael Julian & MPS Security staff. You are making the world a better place!"

Rhonda Warner
VP Operations
Murrieta Chamber of Commerce

"Thank you for a great presentation on Active Shooter Survival. Your ALIVE program was easy to remember and had extremely positive evaluations. The days following the presentation, I had several District employees comment to me on how much they learned and they felt more confident on how to react in the event of an active shooter."

Dave Morrison, Safety Risk Officer - Rancho California Municipal Water District

“This was amazing and educational!”

– Muna Elias, Owner of Elias Shoes

"I learned so much by coming to this class. I feel much more equipped to handle a situation like this if an Active Killer event were to happen. Thank you so much for this education."

– Victoria Rausch, I.T Consultant

"The presentation was great. My CEO is interested in you coming and training staff at our organization."

– Jessica Rigdon, Program Coordinator

"Michael Julian provides a complete and educated experience packed with valuable information. The ALIVE Program can and will save your life if practiced in any home, business and large corporation. It is a disservice to not experience this class and presentation. Be a sheepdog."

– April Vidal, Miss April’s Dance

"I just read Michael Julian, CPI PPS CSP’s book “10 Minutes To Live”. This book is well written, well researched, cited and yet easy to read and comprehend. It isn’t a stale scholastic book on concept. It is an educational, read and apply now manual for thinking through and surviving an active shooter event. His approach goes beyond the accepted “Run, Hide, Fight” and walks the reader through a mindset approach to surviving mass killing events. Regardless of background or experience, the author’s simple and direct approach speaks volumes to the reader. The book is a must read for security professionals and loved ones alike. It does well to help explain why and how mentally preparing now is simple survivability insurance in both corporate and personal settings. Well done!"

– Chris Story, MBA
Senior Consultant at Anomaly Management Services


You cannot always stop bad things from happening but you can be prepared if they do!


You can get this internationally recognized survival manual based on Mr. Julian's ALIVE Active Shooter Survival Training Program here!

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