Bodyguard for Hire Sacramento CA

IMPS Security provides a variety of bodyguard services to those who reside in or have plans to visit the Sacramento, CA area and are concerned about their safety and security. Our highly trained and professional staff stand ready to protect you and/or your family, no matter how big or small the job.

Our Bodyguard Services Offer Greater Peace of Mind

The main reason people employ a bodyguard for hire is that it provides greater peace of mind. They feel more comfortable at home because they know that their residence and grounds are protected from unauthorized access. They also feel more comfortable in public, safe in the knowledge that our skilled and experienced staff is there to protect them every step of the way.

Hiring a bodyguard can provide greater peace of mind that your family is protected as well. Whether you have concerns that they may be targeted or you want to ensure their safety when with you, having a security service within reach eases your anxiety and enables you to fully enjoy your time together.

MPS: A Licensed, Full-Service Security Firm

MPS is a fully licensed security firm that offers its clients a variety of personal protection services. This includes:

  • Special event protection
  • Security during public appearances
  • Estate security (protecting both persons and property)
  • Personal security while traveling

When you choose MPS as your Sacramento bodyguard for hire, we will customize a private security package based on your individual concerns and needs.

You Choose Your Level of Personal Protection

One benefit of working with MPS security is that we offer both armed and unarmed security guards. We also provide the ability to choose whether your executive protection experts work in a uniform or plain clothes. This allows you to be as visible or as discreet with your security as you’d like.

While we will make recommendations as to which type of security service is best, in the end, the decision is up to you. You are able to choose the level of protection provided to you and/or your family.

When You Want an Experienced Bodyguard for Hire Service

MPS Security professionals have worked with celebrities, top company executives, dignitaries, and more. Let us put that experience to work for you. Our executive protection team provides the same high level of service to all of our clients regardless of their position, opinions, or standing in this world.

Contact us today at 1-866-678-4408 or via our convenient online form to learn more about our security services and how we can individualize them to best address your situation, concerns, and needs.


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