Bodyguard for Hire San Francisco

We live in an increasingly dangerous world. If you want an enhanced level of personal protection provided by a skilled and highly trained professional, contact MPS today to discuss your bodyguard for hire options.

San Francisco Bodyguard Services

MPS offers a variety of executive protection services to clients residing in or visiting the San Francisco, California area. They include:

  • Special event security (red carpet, charity events, highly publicized events)
  • Protection to and from legal proceedings
  • Estate security, both residential and business
  • Private security when spending time with family and friends

Hiring a security service can provide greater peace of mind in any of these situations. It allows you to fully engage yourself in your experience safe in the knowledge that your security is fully protected.

A Customized Bodyguard for Hire Experience

Each client we work with has different concerns, faces different threats, and requires a different level of protection. That’s why MPS offers customized bodyguard for hire services, enabling us to better serve you and your specific circumstances.

This begins with doing a thorough analysis to better identify the threats that you are most at risk of facing. It also tells us what types of services are required to offer the maximum amount of personal protection for you and/or your family.

Ultimately, you decide what is best for you. This includes choosing between uniformed and plain clothes security agents. We also offer both armed and unarmed protection specialists, providing the level of security that you need and are most comfortable with.

Why Choose MPS?

MPS Security is a licensed full-service security firm. Our executive protection agents undergo rigorous background checks and engage in regular training, constantly improving their ability to respond to several types of threats using the latest, most innovative tactics.

Although we offer bodyguard for hire services in San Francisco, we also provide protection in other geographical regions. This enables us to provide seamless services when you travel. Whether you are taking a weekend trip to Southern California to visit family or heading to the East Coast for a week-long business trip, we can make arrangements to protect you every step of the journey.

Contact Us Today

Contact us today to learn more about our executive protection services or to discuss how we can provide you a better peace of mind both at home and in public. Our caring and compassionate staff is here to answer any questions you may have, as well as to provide advice as to which bodyguard services may be best for you.


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