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Does Your Business Need a Security Service?

As a business owner, you naturally want to maintain a safe and secure work environment. This might mean installing alarm systems and video cameras, , business security service or training employees on how to respond to an emergency situation. At some point, you may entertain the notion of stepping up your business’ security service—potentially by hiring an outside firm.

But how do you know when it’s time? Does your business need a uniformed security service? In this post, we’ll share some general rules of thumb—some signs that maybe it’s time to take your business security needs to the next level.

Hiring Security Services in Riverside

1. Employees or customers feel unsafe in your parking lot.

One sign that you need to enlist a security service for your business is that people feel unsafe in your parking lot—especially at night. Having trained, uniformed guards at hand can provide your customers and your employees with peace of mind—and guards can be asked to escort people to their vehicles, if needed.

2. Your business is in a high-crime area.

If your company is located in a community or a neighborhood where crime rates are particularly high, or if you know that a lot of nearby companies have recently experienced break-ins, that’s reason enough to consider a business security service arrangement.

3. You’ve experienced some theft.

If your store has been hit with some shrinkage—whether due to shoplifters or to employee theft—then it’s clearly time to get things under control. Having uniformed guards onsite can serve as a powerful theft deterrent.

4. You have liability concerns.

One of the jobs often given to uniformed security guards is to keep records of dangerous incidents or injuries that happen onsite—and to log the response to these incidents. Having someone keep these meticulous records can actually shield your business from potential liability issues.

5. You serve alcohol.

If your place of business happens to serve booze, then you know fully well just how quickly things can get out of hand—resulting in dangerous situations. Having a uniformed guard around can help ensure some control.

6. You have big crowds.

Another reason to pursue a business security service arrangement is for crowd control—especially in retail environments where you tend to have a lot of people milling about and worry about chaos.

7. You have concerns over emergency response.

How would your team respond in the event of, say, an active shooter? Or a physical altercation? If you don’t have an answer to that question, it may be wise to enlist a security service for your business—trained professionals who can help you formulate an emergency response plan.

8. You need better technology.

One final reason to hire a security service in Riverside is that the company you employ can help you update your security tech—including CCTV cameras, access control mechanisms, locks, and whatever else. Make sure that, as you interview different providers, you look for a company with a big tech focus.

Hire a Business Security Firm in Riverside

If any of these points apply to you, and if you’re ready to take the next step and talk with a security company, we’d invite you to connect with us at MPS Security.

We’re here to ensure adequate security, including digital security, for businesses throughout Riverside. Our track record extends back decades, and includes warehouse security, hospital security, and beyond. Learn more about us by contacting MPS today; we’d love to help develop a security plan for your site!

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