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Governmental agencies are under attack today more than ever. Not only are their computer systems at greater risk of being penetrated and their data held for ransom, but their physical buildings (and the personnel working within them) are being targeted as well.

If your goal is to mitigate the latter, MPS Security can help. This begins with developing a security plan aimed at keeping your risks of physical attack to a minimum while also crafting an effective emergency response should you find yourself the target of a vicious intrusion.

Governmental Security Planning and Risk Management

The best way to protect your governmental agency and its staff is to identify the threats you face, locate any potential vulnerabilities that may exist, then draft a plan that deals with both. MPS has experience in all of these areas. As an example, we have served at the headquarters of the democratic building, helping to protect some of our nation’s top political leaders.

Our skilled and knowledgeable team can conduct a thorough review of your agency and the threats that exist against it, also performing an in-depth analysis to expose any potential weaknesses that could allow an attacker to gain entry. Based on our findings, MPS Security professionals will draft a plan that offers maximum safety and security for your governmental agency and its personnel.

Crafting a Swift & Effective Emergency Response

Having the best plan in place is never a guarantee that a nefarious attacker won’t try to test that plan. That’s why it is just as critical to have an action-based response that can be instituted at a moment’s notice. MPS can assist with this as well.

Our security team is trained in tactical response, with many having prior military or law enforcement experience. This enables us to respond quickly and efficiently in the event that a swift crisis response becomes necessary. We also provide staff-based training, teaching your frontline personnel exactly what to do should a security breach occur.

MPS: A GSA Contractor Specializing in Investigation & Security Guard and Patrol Services

If you want an investigation and security firm that has experience providing government services—both prevention and response—you want MPS. MPS Security is a GSA Schedule Contractor (#GS07F026BA) offering both Investigation Services (NAICS Code: 561611) and Security Guard and Patrol Services (NAICS Code: 561612).

Contact us today to learn more about what we can do to keep your governmental agency safe from today’s biggest threats.

GSA Contract #: GS07F026BA

NAICS Codes: 561611, 561612


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