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MPS Security: An Elite Covert Executive Protection Provider

MPS Security is a full-service security firm, offering clients a variety of high-level protection services. One service that provides greater peace of mind while also allowing you to move around more freely is covert executive protection.

What Is Covert Executive Protection?

As its name implies, covert executive protection involves being protected by a security professional who is hidden from sight as much as possible. Our plain-clothed executive protection agents are close enough to immediately respond should a threat reveal itself, yet concealed enough that the average passerby will not notice that they are there.

Covert Executive Protection Benefits

There are a few advantages of choosing covert executive protection over some of the other, more visible protection service options. These benefits include:

  • Drawing less attention to yourself when in public places
  • Feeling less restricted while moving about
  • Increasing the executive protection agent’s ability to see potential trouble since they blend into the background which, subsequently, allows the agent to respond more effectively as they can catch the threat off guard

Security That Offers Greater Peace of Mind

Perhaps the most compelling reason to obtain covert executive protection is that it offers greater peace of mind. Whether you are a high net worth individual, a prominent business owner, a celebrity, a political figure, or have found yourself in a high-profile court case, covert executive protection enables you to go about your life and handle your business without the worry of impending harm.

Risk Assessment & Risk Management: A 2-Step Process

MPS’s covert executive protection details begin with a comprehensive risk assessment. During this assessment, we will discuss all of the threats you face—both actual and potential—as well as effective strategies for reducing or mitigating these threats.

Based on the information collected during the assessment, a risk management plan is created by one of our expert security staff. This plan outlines the actions our executive protection agents will take to keep you and/or your family safe while remaining undetectable to others in the area.

MPS Security: A Leader in Covert Executive Protection

MPS Security takes covert execution protection seriously. That’s why our agents are highly trained, regularly working to improve their tactics and skill sets. Many of our agents have previously served in other security-based positions, such as in the military or law enforcement.

Contact us today to learn more about our covert executive protection services or to schedule your risk assessment.


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