High-Profile Social Functions

The strength of security needed, is one of the most important things to assess when planning high-profile social functions. Most social functions would suffice with the level of security provided by security guards employed by the hotel or venue where the function is taking place.

High-profile social functions like charity balls and dinner-auction fundraisers attended, on the other hand, face more safety risks and would therefore require executive protection in order to ensure the security and well-being of the guests.

High number of attendees

The number of attendees in a social function does not always equate to the level of security needed for that specific function. An inter-college conference with 1,000 people would most probably not need the same security as a music festival with 1,000 people.

However, generally, the larger the event, the higher the risk is because monitoring a large crowd is more challenging. A large number of attendees entering the venue makes it easier for uninvited guests to slip inside unnoticed.

Public and media attention

Prominent and famous people—such as movie stars, recording artists, political figures, influential entrepreneurs—are always at risk due to stalkers, obsessive fans, kidnappers, terrorists, and other ill-intentioned people. This makes high-profile social functions, especially with wide media coverage, extremely dangerous.

MPS Security provides uniformed security services to guard all venue entrances and exits, and prevent suspicious-looking people from entering and disturbing the function.


High-profile social functions that include political party members or high-ranking company officials need a tightly-secured place. This helps make sure that no uninvited guest can sneak in the venue or can help keep the confidential information they are going to discuss from being leaked to their competitors and the public.

To prevent interruptions and other unfortunate events from happening during a high-profile social function, it is best to hire executive security services as an additional layer to the security provided by the venue. Contact MPS Security today to guard your high-profile social function!

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