MPS Security and Protection’s President Featured in EP Wired Article on Ethics and Standards in Executive Protection

MPS Security and Protection is proud to announce that our President, Michael Julian, has been featured in a recent article on EP Wired. In the article, titled “Ethics and Standards in EP,” Julian discusses the importance of ethical conduct and accountability in the executive protection industry.

Julian highlights that the executive protection industry is responsible for protecting high-profile individuals who may be at risk of physical harm or other dangers. As such, the industry requires individuals with strong ethics and principles to protect their clients professionally and responsibly. Julian stresses that agents must maintain the highest levels of integrity, confidentiality, and discretion in this highly sensitive and confidential environment.

The article cites two cases where a lack of ethics and integrity negatively affected the executive protection industry. The first example is the case of Blackwater Worldwide, where agents violated several ethical and legal standards during their operations in Baghdad, Iraq. The second example is the case of TigerSwan, where the company engaged in unethical and potentially illegal practices during its operations in North Dakota.

Julian emphasizes the importance of standards in the executive protection industry. Standards provide a framework for ensuring that agents operate within the law and uphold the highest ethical and professional standards. They establish a common language and understanding of what is expected of agents and provide a basis for training, certification, and accreditation programs.

Without standards, the executive protection industry is susceptible to abuse and unethical behavior, which can have severe consequences for the safety and well-being of clients and the industry’s reputation. Standards help to establish clear expectations for behavior and conduct and provide a mechanism for holding agents and firms accountable for their actions.

Executive Protection Agent
Executive Protection Agent

Julian stresses that ethics and standards are crucial to the executive protection industry. Agents must possess solid ethical principles and adhere to high integrity, confidentiality, and discretion standards to protect their clients professionally and responsibly. The industry must continue to develop and adopt standards that reflect best practices and the highest ethical and professional standards to ensure that agents and firms are held accountable for their actions.

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