Protect Your Healthcare Facility During Employee Strikes and Labor Disputes

The COVID-19 vaccine has been a hot topic for many, with both individuals and entire healthcare organizations making arguments either for and against this immunization. There is also a fair amount of controversy over how far businesses can go when it comes to requiring their employees to be vaccinated. And some are facing backlash for their decisions.

For example, on June 9, 2021, reported that the Houston Methodist hospital system mandated that its employees get the COVID vaccination. While this mandate provided for some religious and pregnancy or lactation exemptions, the decision did not sit well with some of its staff, causing many to walk out. As a result, 178 healthcare workers were suspended, 118 of whom filed a lawsuit against the hospital for its disciplinary actions.

Walkouts and Protests Major Security Risks for Healthcare Providers

No matter where you stand on the vaccination issue, from a healthcare business standpoint, walkouts and protests are a major security risk. Not only does being understaffed keep you from effectively diagnosing, testing, and treating patients in an efficient manner, but some of these protests can turn violent.

In some cases, the violence isn’t even spurred by the protestors themselves. This is exactly what happened at a French hospital in June 2020, with the news source WION reporting that “fringe groups” hijacked a healthcare worker protest, causing the police to disperse tear gas into the crowd.

Protect Your Healthcare Organization from Employee Unrest

If you are experiencing any type of employee unrest, MPS Security can help protect your organization. We specialize in healthcare and hospital security, enabling you to continue to serve your patients and your community without putting their safety or the safety of your other staff at greater risk.

A few of the areas we assist with include employee strikes and labor disputes. Both situations can be a major security concern for healthcare organizations due to involving emotionally charged issues.

At MPS, we strive to relieve this concern for our clients so you can tend to your business and your patients without fear of what will happen if some of the agitators or outside agitators decide to escalate the matter, causing unsafe conditions.

Healthcare Security Services

A few of the services we offer at MPS include:

We can provide both uniformed and undercover officers, enabling you to secure your healthcare agency in the manner that you feel is best. Contact us today at 1-866-678-4408 or via email to learn more about how we can help you provide safe healthcare services.

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