Protests Security: Keeping Your School and Its Leaders Safe

Schools are back in session. Parents have enough on their minds in today’s ever changing economy, they want to know their children are safe at school. Aside from the pandemic, 2020 brought on many new security risks to consider including protests for racism, parents fighting COVID requirements, budget cuts for various extracurricular activities and more. 

Given the increase in the number of protests occurring not only on educational campuses but at board of director meetings, school officials are discussing their own personal safety & security. 

Hiring a risk management company to design a protest security plan including a strike line security team to respond to address issues as they appear can help ease both of these concerns. This is especially important in the age of social media.

Social Media Elevates Need for Protests Security

About 85% of all adults in the U.S. carry a Smartphone according to, providing access to social media reports 24/7. Social media is providing the world an inside look at the actions a school’s leaders are and are not taking. Students and parents are posting videos to their social media pages showcasing protests about what they feel are unfair dress codes or mask policies, and a host of other issues.

These videos suggest an elevated level of unrest while also giving a glimpse into a district’s security efforts. A lack of security while the school is in the midst of controversy can cause some to lose faith that the student body and faculty are safe, particularly when these videos are picked up by the local media.

Peaceful Protests Can Quickly Turn Violent

Additionally, although one of the rights provided within the U.S. is the right to assemble peacefully, what starts as a peaceful protest can quickly change course. This doesn’t always give law enforcement adequate time to respond.

If police officers are tied up on another call, they may not be able to get to the school or school board meeting fast enough to keep the situation from spiraling out of control. This puts the school, its students, and the staff at greater risk.

Injuries can occur during these protests, even if not intentionally, causing innocent bystanders and participants to seek legal recourse. This can be costly to a school district should the court decide that there was a failure to protect.

MPS: Protection & Security Solutions for Protests 

MPS Security understands the need to keep school grounds and school board meetings safe. That’s why we offer educational institutions protest security. Having security present can help keep a peaceful protest from transitioning into violence. And if the protest does take this turn, it allows for a more immediate response.

Our experts have decades of experience in this field, enabling us to create an effective risk management plan while also deciding the most efficient response, if needed. Contact MPS today to learn more about how we can help you keep your students, faculty, and other school leaders safe. 

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