Tips to Improve Warehouse Security

Warehouse and distribution centers pose a unique challenge for traditional security protocols. Due to the size and complex layout of these facilities, vulnerabilities are inevitable—and having a guard or two to patrol the facility may not be enough to keep things secure. Note also that warehouses face numerous threats—not just external ones, but also the threat of employee theft. However, robust warehouse security is possible—and these five tips can help you achieve it.

Conduct Employee Screenings

Again, a lot of the dangers your warehouses face stem from inside—specifically from your own team. Even more important than warehouse on-site security, then, is ensuring you hire the right people—people you can trust, and who have been vetted for any criminal history.

Prior to hiring an employee, make sure they undergo a screening or background check. This will help you identify applicants who have a history that could contribute to inventory theft. Background checks can help you verify employment history, education, and more, allowing you to build your team in greater confidence.

Limit the Access of Your employees

Another important step you can take is to implement an access control system.

Having a managed access control system will prevent unauthorized individuals from accessing restricted areas in your warehouse. You can control the level of access of each employee, and even exert control over which parts of your warehouse are accessible to non-employees. An access control system is really foundational to securing your facility.

Install a Surveillance Camera System

Warehouse on-site security also requires you to implement the proper surveillance system—such as cameras.

Having a surveillance camera system will help you watch what is going on in your facility from multiple vantage points; indeed, it’s important to have cameras set up in numerous places—the general office, the employee lunch room, etc. The great thing about security camera systems is that they allow your security guards to work more efficiently; they can get a birds-eye view of the entire facility, without having to constantly be on patrol.

Secure Valuables

This one might almost go without saying—yet you’d be amazed at how many distribution centers do an inadequate job of keeping their valuable assets fully secured.

Basically, it’s critical to keep those valuable inventory items in a separate, secured area—and to restrict these items using your managed access control system. Having these items in an isolated area can make it easier to keep an eye on them, and to ensure their whereabouts at all times.

Warehouse On-Site Security

Finally, remember that you can’t always depend on technology alone to keep your warehouse secure. Physical security is still important in this digital age. Although this may be a little bit costlier, there is still no substitute for having a live presence in the form of on-site security in your warehouse. Criminals are unlikely to try to break into your warehouse if they know that it is protected 24/7 by highly-trained, armed guards!

Enlist a Warehouse Security Service Provider

No matter how secured you think your warehouse security is, it is still important to review it and look for potential areas for improvement. And if you’re concerned about your site security, we invite you to contact MPS Security to ask about our warehouse expertise.

We have a long history of keeping warehouses and other industrial facilities secure, and we are standing by to learn all about your warehouse security needs. We will help you develop a customized security plan, and we can even provide highly-trained personnel as needed. Reach out to MPS Security to start a conversation about warehouse security services!

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