Armed Security

In many situations a Uniformed Security Officer is enough of a visible deterrent against potential violence. However, as the threat or potential for violence increases, an Armed Security Officers can add an additional level of security protection. MPS Security Armed Security Officers are highly trained, screened and licensed in all applicable firearms training as required by state and local regulations.

An armed security officer is a place of severe responsibility. While an armed security officer isn't a law enforcement officer, or at least not an active law enforcement officer, they have comparable abilities and duties at a more restricted function.

Armed security officers are personal security guards which, in the course of their duties, have access to carry on their persons a firearm. These are accredited, highly trained guards, so as carrying a firearm can't be dismissed.

Anybody who's carrying a firearm may very well need to use the weapon for part of the responsibilities, so they need to fully understand how to use the weapon, so shop the weapon, so take good care of the weapon and also be educated to do everything they can to prevent employing the weapon whenever wherever possible.


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