Warehouse Security — A Necessity, Not an Option

In an increasingly connected world, where supply chains span continents, warehouses have become pivotal junctions in the flow of goods. This also means that they’ve become high-value targets for theft and burglary. Our article aims to shed light on the importance of warehouse security, amplified through recent statistics and real-world case studies. It further emphasizes the crucial role security officers play on premises and how companies like MPS Security and Protection are making a difference in this space. With a growing trend in theft incidents, it’s becoming clearer than ever that a significant investment in comprehensive security measures is more than just a safety net – it’s a necessity for businesses to safeguard their assets and ensure operational continuity.

Table of Contents

  • The Rising Tide of Warehouse Theft: This section presents an overview of warehouse theft statistics, highlighting the increasing prevalence of these crimes.
  • Real-world Cases: Here, we delve into specific cases of warehouse theft, exploring the modus operandi of thieves and the consequences of inadequate security.
  • The Importance of Security Officers: This part underscores the critical role of security officers in warehouse security, detailing their duties and benefits.
  • MPS Security and Protection – Leading the Charge: This section focuses on the role of MPS Security and Protection in providing effective security solutions and how their work is making a significant difference.
  • State-specific Statistics: This segment presents data on warehouse theft from various states, revealing regional trends and patterns.
  • Types and Targets of Warehouse Theft: In this part, we dissect different types of warehouse theft and the common targets, offering insights into what thieves are after.
  • FAQs: The article concludes with a section addressing common questions about warehouse security, providing answers to help demystify this complex issue.

As global trade and e-commerce rise, warehouses have become critical links in supply chains. Yet, these valuable assets are often targets for theft and burglary, leading to significant financial losses and business disruption. This article will delve into the importance of warehouse security, backed by recent theft statistics and the benefits of employing security officers on the premises. The discussion will further showcase the services provided by MPS Security and Protection in maintaining a secure environment for your warehouse operations.

The Growing Threat to Warehouse Security

Warehouse workers unsupervised

The prevalence of warehouse theft is alarming, yet it’s not officially tracked by the government. Private companies like Sensitech and CargoNet, which report only those thefts informed to them directly, estimate that the issue is widespread.

According to CargoNet, there were 1,181 reported theft cases in 2018, 1,106 in 2019, and 1,502 in 2020. A significant rise was observed in 2022, with 1,778 reported instances resulting in an estimated loss of over $223 million. The average value from a single cargo theft event was $214,104, an amount that could be devastating for small and mid-sized businesses1.

Case Study: A High-End Heist

Thieves stealing $2000000 worth of jewels

A notorious instance involved two men, David Alcade and Xandi Garcia, arrested for allegedly stealing nearly $2 million worth of jewelry2. Later, they faced additional charges for burglarizing a home in Palmetto Bay, seizing high-end purses, shoes, jewelry, and a 2019 Mercedes Benz2.

Despite their arrest, they were seen by surveillance cameras at the Seybold building in Downtown Miami trying to sell the stolen goods2. This case underlines the importance of having security officers and surveillance systems on the premises, which could deter such incidents or aid in capturing the culprits.

Most Common Targets and Locations

Parking lots were the second most targeted location for theft. The primary target? Warehouses and distribution centers1. Warehouse theft was particularly prevalent in California, Texas, Florida, Illinois, and Georgia1.

Electronics, due to their ease of resale and high value, were the top target until 2010. In 2018, food and beverages took the top spot, and by 2022, household goods, including appliances and furniture, were the most stolen items1.

Types of Warehouse Theft

Security experts classify warehouse theft into two main types: straight cargo theft (breaking into a truck or warehouse) and strategic cargo theft (using fraudulent credentials to pick up shipments from warehouses)1. Despite accounting for a small segment of overall cases, strategic thefts saw a 600% increase from 2021 to 20221.

Prevention: An Integral Aspect of Warehouse Operations

Ensuring the safety and security of a warehouse is not merely a response to criminal activity but a preventive measure that is as important as any other aspect of warehouse management. Prevention helps maintain the smooth functioning of warehouse operations, minimizing downtime and loss. Effective prevention measures require a blend of advanced technology, strategic planning, and the human element. This is where MPS Security and Protection comes into play.

MPS Security and Protection: A Comprehensive Approach to Warehouse Security

MPS Security and Protection offers a multifaceted security solution that integrates several elements, each contributing to the overall safety and security of warehouse operations.

Trained Security Officers: The First Line of Defense

Our security officers are highly trained professionals skilled in various aspects of security, risk assessment, and crisis management. These officers serve as the first line of defense against potential security threats, making it their mission to ensure the protection of your valuable assets.

The presence of security officers also serves as a deterrent to potential criminals. When would-be thieves see a strong security presence, they are more likely to think twice about attempting to breach security measures. Our officers are also trained to respond in real-time to security incidents, ensuring swift and effective resolution and minimizing potential damage.

Advanced Surveillance Systems: A Watchful Eye

Warehouse security surveillance

MPS Security and Protection employs the use of advanced surveillance systems as an essential component of our security solutions. These systems monitor the warehouse premises round the clock, recording activity in real-time.

Not only does this act as an additional deterrent to potential thieves, but it also provides invaluable data that can be used to further enhance security measures. If a breach does occur, the surveillance footage can be instrumental in identifying the culprits and recovering stolen goods.

Secure Access Controls: Keeping Unauthorized Persons Out

At MPS Security and Protection, we understand that controlling access to the warehouse is an integral part of maintaining security. We employ secure access controls that limit the entry of unauthorized persons, reducing the risk of internal theft and unauthorized access.

By controlling who has access to your warehouse, we help you maintain control over your goods and protect your assets from potential threats.

MPS Security and Protection: Your Partner in Warehouse Security

At MPS Security and Protection, we’re not just a security provider; we consider ourselves your partner in maintaining warehouse security. We work closely with you to understand your specific needs and tailor our services accordingly. Our mission is to foster a secure environment that allows your business to flourish without the concern of security breaches or theft.

In Closing

As evidenced by the alarming statistics and case studies, warehouse security cannot be taken lightly. It’s crucial to incorporate robust security measures, including the presence of security officers, to ensure the safety of assets and smooth business operations. MPS Security and Protection is dedicated to offering tailored security solutions that meet your warehouse’s unique needs.


Why is warehouse security important? Warehouse security is essential to protect valuable assets, ensure smooth operations, and avoid significant financial losses due to theft or burglary.

What role do security officers play in warehouse security? Security officers deter potential thefts, provide real-time response to incidents, and aid in capturing culprits, thereby reducing the impact of any security breaches.

What are the most common targets of warehouse theft? As of 2022, the most commonly stolen items from warehouses are household goods, including appliances and furniture.

How does MPS Security and Protection ensure warehouse security? MPS Security and Protection provides comprehensive security solutions, including trained security officers, advanced surveillance systems, and secure access controls, to maintain a secure warehouse environment.


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  2. ABC News, 2023. Two Men Arrested for High-End Heist
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