Why Boutique EP Companies are Better for Exclusive Clients Than Large EP Corporations

If you are in search of executive protection (EP) services, you have two basic options. You can either contract with a larger EP corporation or you can choose to work with a smaller, more boutique EP provider like MPS Security. Selecting the latter offers a few distinct benefits. Here are some to consider.

Customized Service

 Every EP client has different concerns, different threats, and different security needs. Yet, if you hire a larger corporation to provide your executive protection services, you’re often presented with pre-designed packages that wind up addressing some of your problem areas while leaving others behind. This is not the case when working with a smaller boutique EP firm.

At MPS, we offer our executive protection clients the ability to customize their services. From estate security, to corporate protection, to travel escorts to surveillance detection, our risk management team builds a personalized package designed specifically for you. This enables you to get the security you want and need without paying extra for services that aren’t a concern based on your situation or, worse yet, leave you exposed in vulnerable areas.

Not Dealing with 10 Different Points of Contact

The more points of contact you have with any business, the greater each contact’s opportunity to “pass the buck.” If a particular task isn’t within their realm of responsibilities, they don’t have to worry about it. Their response is usually to call someone else, which can leave you feeling frustrated while also requiring more time on your part to try to find the person who actually has the ability to address your concerns.

This highlights another reason that a boutique EP provider is better than a huge EP company. Instead of dealing with 10 different points of contact along the way, you only work directly with one or two contacts. This reduces confusion about who you must contact when a certain issue exists while also providing the ability to establish a closer relationship with the team that is responsible for your protection and security.

Key Performance Indicators are Easier to Track and Manage

Key performance indicators or KPIs are used to measure whether desired objectives are being met. In the executive protection world, these KPIs can include threat response time, whether the risk management plan effectively addresses all issues, and specific task performance. When you work with a boutique EP provider, these types of metrics are easier to track and manage.

Because there are fewer people involved in your protection detail, performance data can be secured quickly and with greater ease. This information doesn’t get lost in the shuffle as it transitions from one person to the next. Overall, this provides a clearer picture of whether the objectives are being hit or if adjustments need to be made to get better results.

No Company Agendas

One reason people distrust larger corporations is that many seem to have their own agendas. They may say that they are there for the client but, when it comes down to it, they’re after something a little more self-serving. At MPS, our only agenda is to provide our executive protection clients with the most comprehensive level of security possible, and a positive experience from the first interaction with our full-service protection firm to the last.

In the end, we are here to give you greater peace of mind that you, your family, or your employees are safe and secure. And we believe in complete transparency every step of the way, making it completely clear that there is no other agenda on our part.  

Quick Problem Solving and Open Communication

Have you ever worked with a business and had an issue with its product or service, yet when you try to contact the company to resolve the problem, you’re either put on a lengthy hold or passed from person to person, only to be told that they don’t have the power to rectify your concern? Now imagine going through this when faced with a threat. Not a very soothing thought, is it?

With smaller, more boutique EP firms, your issues can be solved faster and with less frustration. You always have an open line of communication with your team at all hours of the day and night. No more losing sleep or having your anxiety go up while just hoping that things will be okay until you can reach someone. You can contact MPS at any time. We’ll talk about what you’re facing and develop an effective response.

White-Glove Service That is Swift and Actionable

It’s not uncommon for huge businesses nowadays to do well in one area while not doing so well in another. They provide top-notch service, for instance, but respond slower than you’d like. Or they offer a quick response, but their customer service leaves a bit to be desired. Work with a smaller executive protection firm and you can enjoy both.

The professionals at MPS understand how to treat exclusive clients. Our team members strive to provide the same white-glove service that you’re used to receiving in other areas of your life. At the same time, they are also swift and actionable. If a situation arises, it is assessed and responded to immediately. We don’t believe that you need to sacrifice one thing to excel in another, especially when it comes to our client’s safety and security.

Dedicated Project Managers That Aren’t Dealing with 15 Other Clients

Work with a larger EP corporation and you are one of many clients. Not only does this mean that the manager of your project has to divide their time and attention among everyone on their caseload, but it also means that if they don’t do a good enough job for you and you leave, it’s no big deal. They have 14 other clients paying for their services. The fact that you’re no longer with them has minimal effect.

Boutique executive protection providers don’t look at their clients as just another number. In fact, many times, our clients at MPS quickly become like family. We treat you with the same level of respect and care that we offer the loved ones in our lives. We see you for the value that you provide to our company and we want to provide the same value back (if not more), making it a mutually beneficial relationship.

MPS Security: Your Boutique Executive Protection Provider

Don’t place your security in the hands of a large firm that tries to force you into a one-size-fits-all package that doesn’t meet your needs or offers a lower level of service than what you require or deserve. Instead, let the trained and professional team at MPS show you how a high-quality executive protection provider operates.If you’re ready to experience the many benefits of working with a smaller, more personal protection provider, contact MPS today. You can call us directly at 866-678-4408 or reach out to us online. We look forward to listening to your concerns, then providing solutions that provide you greater peace of mind.

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