Hospital Security Agency in Newport Beach

In any hospital setting, health and safety are obviously paramount. Patients go to the hospital to get better—and while there, they expect their personal and their family’s wellbeing to be the foremost concern. Meanwhile, doctors, nurses, and administrators trust that they will be able to do their work without having to fear for their own lives. All of this requires a robust focus on hospital security; for local healthcare organizations, that means reaching out to a hospital security agency in Newport Beach. MPS Security more than fits the bill.

MPS Security has decades of experience providing active, strategic security services for businesses of all kinds. We offer executive bodyguard details, warehouse security services, and much more. For local healthcare organizations, what matters most is our depth of expertise in hospital security.

The Need for Hospital Security in Newport Beach

Sadly, these security services are needed today more than ever before. More and more, we see headlines about acts of theft and vandalism taking place in hospitals. This is to say nothing of frightening active shooter scenarios. More in Oakland are relying on private security, and hospitals throughout Newport Beach are looking to professional services like MPS.

There are a number of reasons why the need for hospital security is heightening. For one, hospitals tend to have a lot of valuable equipment and prescription drugs—meaning they are prime targets for thieves. Additionally, hospitals can be so big and so busy that they are hard to secure. Wrongdoers can sneak inside all too easily. (See also this recent story about a San Francisco warehouse bust.)

All of this points to the need for a robust and strategic approach to hospital security, and also to the presence of healthcare security guards in Newport Beach. MPS Security can deliver all these services and more; we invite you to contact us directly for more information about our hospital security expertise.

Finding the Right Hospital Security Guard in Newport Beach

There are a number of factors that set MPS Security apart—among them:

  • We invest in the very best training for our team. We are rigorous in ensuring that our security personnel are trained in threat detection, risk mitigation, and effective de-escalation. MPS Security’s guards are always ready to help keep your most valuable assets safe.
  • We can deliver cutting-edge security technology. Hospital security requires you to use the very best tools available, from CCTV and camera systems to access controls and door locks. MPS Security provides only the most proven and effective security implements.
  • We offer a custom approach. No two hospitals are exactly the same, and as such, we don’t believe in a cookie-cutter approach. Instead, we want to get to know the specific needs and vulnerabilities of your facility, and to help you create an individualized security plan.
  • We have an unmatched track record. MPS Security has been a leading provider of healthcare security services—and highly trained hospital guards—for decades. We remain committed to providing the utmost in hospital security services, ensuring that your patients and your staff enjoy peace of mind.

Learn More About Our Hospital Security Services

Your hospital may be vulnerable to potential attacks, and it’s important that you leave nothing to chance. Take a smart, individualized approach to securing your facility; it starts with a quick yet thorough consultation with MPS Security.

We’d love to talk with you more about your security needs, and to provide you with a blueprint for safeguarding your facility. Start the process by reaching out to MPS Security today. Ask us more about our expertise and our reputation as a hospital security agency in Newport Beach and other parts of California.


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