Hospital Security Trends You Need to Know

Hospital security has always been a tricky business. On the one hand, it’s of paramount importance to keep patients and medical assets safe and secure, with minimal disruption to the doctors and nurses who are administering care. At the same time, hospital technology and pharmaceuticals make for prime targets for theft. The sheer scope and complexity of a healthcare facility makes it hard to truly secure, so it’s important to get a handle on the big picture.

This can be tough as the industry is changing—the advent of new software and technology has helped to make it easier to secure hospitals and healthcare facilities.

The following are some security trends that can help hospitals to solve common problems, and to promote more efficient hospital and healthcare security.

Managed Access Controls & Biometrics at Hospitals

One way to enhance hospital and healthcare safety is through biometrics.

In fact, biometrics technology is ideally suited for securing healthcare facilities. For example, utilizing facial and iris recognition to open doors for doctors and nurses will help avoid contact with germs. Using access control and biometrics will also require a double authentication for access to high-security areas such as higher-class medicines. In short, this is an ideal way to promote both security and hygiene.

Hospital Management System

Another way to promote hospital and healthcare security is through a hospital management system.

Having a hospital management system in place will allow hospitals to create a standardized onboarding and orientation process that includes issuing security clearance and access privileges—a good way to build security into the hospital culture, and to ensure that each employee is properly trained in what they need to do to keep premises safe.

Video Management Technology

The use of video can also help to enhance hospital and healthcare security. Specifically, having a video management system will eliminate screen fatigue for security officers looking for footage all day. With this kind of system, security personnel will be alerted when a sensor is tripped, so he only sees video footage that is of concern. This can be an invaluable way to use your security team more efficiently.

Emergency Preparedness for Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

Emergency preparedness is a big trend in security and should be an area of focus. Security is tasked today with much more than just patrolling and looking at video surveillance. Many security departments are overseeing a number of programs to help the staff be better prepared for any threat, either internal or external.

Threat prevention and management training programs, and computer-based learning modules on active shooter and workplace violence are growing in popularity and necessity. In short, they ensure that your team is ready for anything.

Parking Lot Management & Safety for Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

A final consideration for hospital and healthcare security: Parking lot management. This is often one of the most overlooked areas of any hospital, this includes parking garages. These are not only susceptible to crime, but also to unauthorized parking among guests and hospital employees. This is a major issue that many hospitals are eradicating with the use of video and license plate recognition, or LPR technology.

Hire a Hospital and Healthcare Security Service

Overall, it is highly important to work with a professional hospital and healthcare security service provider that can teach you how much of today’s new security technology trends can help hospitals and healthcare facilities protect their patients and assets while providing a more secure environment. MPS Security has an unparalleled track record in helping healthcare facilities stay secure—and that includes the strategic deployment of these new technologies.

To learn more about using technology to secure your medical facility, reach out to MPS Security and ask to speak with our expert security officers.

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