California Bodyguards for Hire

One of the services MPS Security is known for is our California bodyguards for hire. As a full-service security firm, we have the ability to meet all of our client’s security-based needs. This provides peace of mind that you and your family are safe, secure, and protected from a variety of potential threats.

MPS Security: A Full-Service Security Firm

When you choose MPS as your California bodyguards for hire, you gain access to all of our available security services. This includes both uniformed security officers and plain-clothed executive protection agents, enabling you to select the type of protection you desire. Services we provide include travel safety escort, site security, event security, property protection (both residential and commercial), security patrols, access restriction and control, risk mitigation, fraud detection, and more.

Our staff consists of elite security personnel with solid, real-world experience in protection and client safety. Each one is thoroughly vetted and screened, providing you the highest level of security possible. They are also all trained in a variety of aspects pertaining to safety and protection, such as security driving, defensive tactics, emergency response, and tactical firearms, just to name a few.

How Can We Help Protect You?

If you are looking for a California bodyguard for hire and want to work with a protection agency that can meet all of your security needs, contact MPS Security today at 1-866-678-4408 or fill out our convenient online Contact Us form.

MPS is a fully licensed division of National Business Investigations, Inc. We are also a veteran-friendly company.


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