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MPS Security’s executive bodyguard services in Las Vegas include protection against stalking, kidnapping, extortion, and more—including services at events and award shows; complete estate security; and specialized knowledge of celebrity culture.

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Close Protection in Las Vegas

There’s never been a city quite like Las Vegas. There was a time when it was little more than a stop-over, an outpost for pioneers headed west in search of gold. It later became a headquarters for workers at the Hoover Dam. Eventually, of course, it would start birthing massive casinos and hotels. Today, it’s one of the world’s top tourist destinations—a city of wealth, industry, activity, and constant growth.

In such a city, the need for specific security measures is extreme—especially among the area’s more prominent residents, from business tycoons to celebrities. One of the best ways to keep VIPs safe and sound, even amidst the city’s hustle and bustle, is to invest in executive security/ bodyguard services. MPS Security is proud to offer executive security services in Las Vegas.

Need an Private Bodyguard in Las Vegas?

MPS Security is your premier expert when you need protection in Las Vegas. We offer private bodyguards to ensure the safety and security of high-profile clients with unparalleled efficiency.

Contact our risk advisor team for a consultation.

The Basics Of Executive Protection In Las Vegas

But what do we mean by executive security services in Las Vegas? It goes beyond standard security options—for example, the presence of an armed and uniformed security guard. Executive bodyguard services are more robust and responsive; they provide individualized security provisions for high-profile clients.

MPS Security’s executive bodyguard services in Las Vegas include protection against stalking, kidnapping, extortion, and more—including services at events and award shows; complete estate security; and specialized knowledge of celebrity culture.

Executive security services provide several benefits, too—including:

  • You can avoid being reactive; rather than responding to dangerous scenarios, you can stop those scenarios from ever unfolding.
  • You can have peace of mind for yourself and your loved ones—rest assured that you’re all being taken care of by trained pros.
  • You can travel more efficiently using our travel escort security services—and again, you can enjoy peace of mind as you do so.
  • Finally, you can enjoy increased productivity, not worry about security, and just focus on your job and your family.

These are just a few of the reasons why executive protection is beneficial.

MPS Security

Reliable Executive Protection In Las Vegas

MPS Security has ample experience providing executive security services in Las Vegas. We have served as security experts on behalf of:

  • Executives
  • Celebrities
  • Foreign business leaders
  • Politicians and diplomats
  • High net-worth individuals


Additionally, we provide a range of VIP security services in Las Vegas—always tailored to meet the client’s needs. Some examples of where we serve to include:

  • High-profile social events
  • Red carpets
  • Corporate events
  • Hostile terminations
  • High-stakes negotiations
  • High-stakes gambling
  • Secure transport of valuable cargo

Hire Trained Security Guards In Southern California

If you hire a bodyguard, you want to know they have experience. Our highly trained agents have escorted celebrities, C-suite executives, and many other high-profile clients. Check out our testimonials to see what they say about working with us.

MPS security agents are trained to use multiple protection tactics. They also possess the skills to quickly and effectively respond to rapidly changing scenarios. This enables them to immediately remove you from danger and protect you from a potential threat.

The Proactive Las Vegas Executive Bodyguard Approach

Our job is to take a proactive approach to our client’s well-being—not reacting to dangerous incidents but preventing those incidents from happening in the first place.

The bottom line: In a city as bustling as Las Vegas, things are constantly in flux—so you need a security team you know will be reliable but also adaptable, keeping you and your family secure no matter the situation. That’s what we specialize in here at MPS Security. Contact us today to learn more about executive protection in Las Vegas.

MPS Security

Executive Protection Services

Some MPS Security clients require 24/7 security oversight. While other clients need executive protection services for award shows, corporate events, high-stakes negotiations, and other specific engagements where protection is required. here is just a short list of the Executive Protection Services we offer.

What Makes A Trusted Executive Protection Officer In Las Vegas?

Being a celebrity bodyguard isn’t always glamorous—but it’s something we take seriously. Our VIP security services in Las Vegas are provided by seasoned security professionals, well-trained in delivering total peace of mind to clients and their families. Despite the perils of being a bodyguard to celebrities, our pros are known for their professionalism and their focus on detail. Some reasons to entrust our team:

  • We hold all the proper licensure and credentialing in the State of Nevada.
  • We are well-trained in identifying potential threats and diffusing messy situations, such as in crowded places (like a casino).
  • We are highly trained in dealing with large event venue security—e.g., protecting drunken revelers at a party or award show.

Contact a bodyguard Security Advisor

We’re happy to answer any questions you may have about hiring a personal bodyguard and address any concerns related to armed bodyguard services. Contact us today at 866-678-4408 to discuss how we can help provide that extra level of protection. Or shoot us a quick message, and a security advisory will respond to your questions discreetly.

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