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Bolster Your Court Case with a Security Expert Witness from MPS

More than 24,000 civil lawsuits are filed monthly, with another 4,508 people convicted of some type of criminal offense in that same amount of time. What happens if you’re the one sitting at the defendant’s table, facing the loss of your money or, worse yet, your freedom? Conversely, what if you’re a plaintiff and trying to prove your case? A security expert witness may help.

Why Hire an Expert Witness in Security?

A security expert witness can provide many advantages when engaged in civil litigation or charged with a criminal offense with some type of protection component. These advantages include providing the judge or jury:

  • A better understanding of what security is and/or why this type of detail is used
  • Greater insight into what is considered “reasonable” within the security, executive protection, or personal protection field
  • A clearer picture of whether the actions in your specific case were justified (or not justified) based on the situation at hand

Essentially, it is the role of the security expert witness to help educate the person or persons who will ultimately decide your fate as to what security is, why it is important, and the tactics or strategies that are generally used.

When You Need a Security Expert Witness, MPS Delivers

MPS Security has been providing protection services since the early 2000s, giving you access to professionals with decades of security experience. Many times, these professionals also have backgrounds in the military or law enforcement.

MPS offers both uniform and undercover security services, specializing in topic areas such as:

At MPS, our clients range from celebrities and well-known performers to visiting dignitaries, top business professionals, high net-worth persons, and other high-profile individuals. We also serve a variety of markets, some of which include real estate, business, healthcare facilities, schools, churches and other religious organizations, and public and private utilities.

Contact MPS Today

If you are interested in learning more about our ability to serve as a security expert witness in your court case, contact MPS Security today. We can discuss the specifics of the issues you face, helping you to determine whether an expert witness can bolster your argument no matter which side of the courtroom you’re on.


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