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As one of the leading uniformed security firms in Los Angeles, we’ve provided a high level of protection for countless clients, in many different capacities.

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Learn more about Our Uniform Security in the LA Area

Los Angeles is big and bustling—a city where there is always something happening, always plenty of activity. This makes for an exciting place, but it can also create a sense of danger and uncertainty. One of the best ways to mitigate this sense of danger—and to preserve a sense of security—is to enlist the help of highly trained, conspicuous security pros. Security officers play a vital role in preserving an atmosphere of protection.

That’s what uniform security is all about. (And, it’s why security officers far outnumber police in most major cities.) As you consider uniformed security in Los Angeles, we invite you to learn more about the unique expertise provided by MPS Security. We are proud of our track record, providing peace of mind to clients throughout Los Angeles and the surrounding area.

Our uniformed officer will be able to provide the following security services in LA County:

Loa Angeles areas patrolled by MPS Security:

  • Santa Monica
  • Beverly Hills
  • Burbank
  • Bell Gardens
  • Santa Clarita
  • Pasadena

Need a Uniformed Security Officer?

Whether you are looking for armed security officer or unarmed security guard MPS Security can staff your property to minimize your loss and increase your sites safety.

Contact our risk advisor team for a consultation.

Why Uniformed Security Is Important

  • When we talk about uniformed security professionals, we’re distinguishing them from covert security providers. There may be times when you need a discreet security team, one that can blend in and not draw attention. But in other cases, you want some armed guys in uniform, security pros who really stand out—not only providing you with their expertise, but really looking the part!

    What makes it so useful to hire uniformed security in Los Angeles, though? Simply put, it can help deter crime. Potential troublemakers will think twice before initiating any kind of conflict with a highly visible, armed security force—meaning you can take a proactive rather than a reactive approach to crime in a given area.

MPS Security

Reliable Uniformed Security In Los Angeles From MPS Security

As one of the leading uniformed security firms in Los Angeles, we’ve provided a high level of protection for countless clients, in many different capacities. Our service areas include:

MPS Agents Secure Los Angeles Medical facilities county-wide, which are vital to our health and safety.

A security patrol is an essential part of safety for Los Angeles businesses, Retail Properties, and Commercial Properties.

MPS Security guards at Public Utilities such as Southern California Edison help ensure employees, customers, and property safety.

Local Concerts, City Events, Los Angeles County Fairs, Festivals, Racing events, and more have been secured by our Officers.

Providing your customers with a safe work environment is critical. Our highly visible Uniformed Security Officers will help secure your location.

When you’re looking to enhance the protection of your Palm Springs home, use an armed uniform security guard from MPS Security.

MPS Security

Trusted Uniformed Security Services

We are the most trusted uniform security agency in this country. We’ve been securing riverside businesses for decades, so if you need protection, look no further!

Some of the specific benefits we offer include:

The Blueprint Of A Reliable Uniformed Security Officer

When you hire uniformed security, it’s imperative that you find the team who can best meet your needs. That means a high level of training, and all the appropriate certifications within the State of California. It also means finding uniformed security providers in Los Angeles that have a unique familiarity with the city itself—including knowledge of high foot traffic areas.

MPS Security has long been one of the top uniformed security firms in Los Angeles. Not only do we know the city inside and out, but we are adept at working closely with clients to develop the best possible plans for taking a preventative approach to criminal activity—stopping bad guys before they start.

Contact a Security Advisor

Our advisors at MPS security are specialized experts, who work closely with you to meet the needs of you, your client, or organization. With resources nationwide, we can provide local security, while providing comprehensive risk management anywhere you travel. Contact us for a consultation.

    How The MPS Uniformed Security Officer Stands Out

    Simply put, we are one of the most trusted uniformed security providers in Los Angeles—and it’s not hard to see why:

    • Our officers receive better training;
    • They have more experience in the industry;
    • They provide a fully customizable service to clients; and
    • They are intimately familiar with the landscape of the city.

    When it comes to criminal deterrence, it’s important to seek a qualified team of uniformed guards. For many Los Angeles businesses and high-profile individuals, that means working with MPS Security. Learn more about what makes our firm unique. Contact MPS Security at your next convenience and ask us about the role of conspicuously-placed uniformed security guards in Los Angeles and beyond.


    Why MPS Security is regarded as the top Professional Security Services & Executive Protection in the nation. 

    Extremely professional security group, definitely recommended for security protection. I met a supervisor named Solstad, who represented the company. With their knowledge and background during our risk assessment, we hired them and couldn't be more pleased with their staff and all of our interactions.

    Albert Junior Owner

    I've worked for many security companies in the past, and MPS is the most organized, giving employees specific direction without micromanaging. Tally Flotron is excellent! She is by the books but always helpful and fair.

    Clara Jepsen CEO

    All of my interactions with this company have been professional and high quality. I recommend them for all of your security needs. They have operations in multiple states.

    Steven Chaw Manager

    Our assigned representative Denisha is a wonderful woman, kind and professional. She's always open to employees' suggestions to address problems. I worked with her for over three years with only positive feedback from our staff. You rock Denisha!!!

    Jonathan Doe Manager