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MPS Security is uniquely experienced in deterring crime using highly visible Orange County security guards.

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Uniform Security guards contribute to Orange Counties low crime rate

There is a lot going on in Orange County, California. It’s a tourism hub, for one thing, and one of the most-visited places in the entire country. It’s also a source of growth for a number of startups, both tech-related and otherwise. It’s a cradle of industry and also a vibrant community—and while that makes it an exciting place, it can also make it feel a little bit dangerous. Indeed, the local crime rate remains significant. Hence the need for uniformed security in Orange County—for businesses, for high-profile individuals, for events, even for schools.

As you consider uniformed security companies in Orange County, make sure you weigh the impressive track record of MPS Security, a company uniquely experienced in deterring crime via highly visible security guards.

Our uniformed officer will be able to provide the following security services:

Riverside areas patrolled by MPS Security:

Need a Uniformed Security Officer?

Whether you are looking for armed security officer or unarmed security guard MPS Security can staff your property to minimize your loss and increase your sites safety.

Contact our risk advisor team for a consultation.

The Security Situation In The OC

  • Indeed, there are many reasons to consider a uniformed security service in the OC; despite the relative progress being made in this country, there are still many crimes committed at a local level, threatening lives and also tarnishing the success of local companies and enterprises.

    Orange County’s security needs extend to businesses and organizations in Irvine, Laguna Beach, Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, Huntington Beach, and even Anaheim—which is, of course, the home of Disneyland as well as Knott’s Berry Farm. Such prevalent, public places make the need for Orange County uniformed security officers all the more pronounced.

MPS Security

Uniformed Security Services

MPS Security is a leading provider of Orange County uniformed security officers. We are proud of the work we’ve done to provide protection to our clients, in a number of different contexts—including each of the following. Additionally, we are intimately familiar with the landscape of Orange County and are uniquely positioned to help clients protect against the security threats that are specific to the area.

MPS Agents Secure Orange County Medical facilities county-wide, which are vital to our health and safety.

A security patrol is an essential part of safety for Riverside businesses, Retail Properties, and Commercial Properties.

MPS Security guards at Public Utilities to help ensure employees, customers, and property safety.

Local Concerts, City Events, Orange County Fairs, Festivals, Racing events, and more have been secured by our Officers.

Providing your customers with a safe work environment is critical. Our highly visible Uniformed Security Officers will help secure your location.

When you’re looking to enhance the protection of your Palm Springs home, use an armed uniform security guard from MPS Security.

MPS Security

Why Uniformed Security Works

But why pick uniformed security over a covert security team? Certainly, there are times when a more discreet approach might make more sense. There is one big asset to a uniformed team, however—and that’s deterrence. Simply put, bad guys will think twice before starting trouble with a highly conspicuous security team, which means you can stop criminal activity before it even starts.

As one of the leading uniformed security companies in Orange County, MPS Security takes the role of deterrence very seriously; one of the things that sets us apart is our eagerness to work directly with clients, customizing our approach to adequately address their unique security concerns.

What Sets MPS Security’s Uniformed Security Apart

The bottom line? When looking for the absolute best security team to provide you with safety and peace of mind, you should look to MPS Security. We’re the Orange County security company that local businesses and high-profile individuals trust, and it’s not hard to understand why:

  • Our officers receive better training;
  • They have more experience in the industry;
  • They provide a customizable service to clients; and
  • They are intimately familiar with the landscape of the Orange County area.

There are so many good things in Orange County—things worth protecting. The best way to do so it to find a security partner on whom you can depend. That’s where MPS Security comes in.

Contact a Security Advisor

Our advisors at MPS security are specialized experts, who work closely with you to meet the needs of you, your client, or organization. With resources nationwide, we can provide local security, while providing comprehensive risk management anywhere you travel. Contact us for a consultation.


    Why MPS Security is regarded as the top Professional Security Services & Executive Protection in the nation. 

    Extremely professional security group, definitely recommended for security protection. I met a supervisor named Solstad, who represented the company. With their knowledge and background during our risk assessment, we hired them and couldn't be more pleased with their staff and all of our interactions.

    Albert Junior Owner

    I've worked for many security companies in the past, and MPS is the most organized, giving employees specific direction without micromanaging. Tally Flotron is excellent! She is by the books but always helpful and fair.

    Clara Jepsen CEO

    All of my interactions with this company have been professional and high quality. I recommend them for all of your security needs. They have operations in multiple states.

    Steven Chaw Manager

    I recently hired MPS Security & Protection to provide security at my event, and I was extremely impressed with their team of guards. They were professional, courteous, and highly attentive, ensuring that everything ran smoothly and safely. I would definitely use their services again in the future.

    Maria Rodriguez Client

    Our assigned representative Denisha is a wonderful woman, kind and professional. She's always open to employees' suggestions to address problems. I worked with her for over three years with only positive feedback from our staff. You rock Denisha!!!

    Jonathan Hancock Manager

    We have been working with MPS Security for several years now and have always been impressed with their level of service. Their guards are reliable, knowledgeable, and always go above and beyond to ensure the safety and security of our facility. We highly recommend them to anyone in need of security services.

    Scott Johnson Logistics

    As a CEO of a large corporation, I have used a number of executive protection security companies in the past. However, none have compared to the level of service and protection provided by MPS Security. Their guards are highly trained and always on alert, and their attention to detail is unparalleled. I highly recommend them to anyone in need of top-notch security services.

    Jessica Williams CEO

    I recently used MPS Protection & Security for a high-profile event and was blown away by their level of service. The security team was highly trained and always one step ahead, ensuring that everything ran smoothly and safely. They were a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of top-notch security services

    Luna Hudson CEO

    For several years now I have employed MPS and have always been extremely impressed with their professionalism and attention to detail. The security team is highly trained and always on alert, ensuring that my safety and security are never compromised. I highly recommend them to anyone in need of top-quality security services.

    Jasper Lee Business owner

    I have been using MPS Protection for several years now and have always been extremely satisfied with their services. The security team is professional, reliable, and always goes above and beyond to ensure the safety and security of myself and my colleagues. I wouldn't trust anyone else with my protection.

    Richard Client

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