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MPS Security Service knows the broad array of risk vulnerabilities facing politicians, corporations, celebrities, and organizations and protects significant people from specific risks and dangers that require highly proficient protective services. MPS Security Specialized Services employs highly trained people with exceptional skill sets who have an army or law enforcement history. This degree of knowledge and experience is vital in protecting people and groups of people from threats and risks directed by them.

MPS Security Service Mission

At MPS Security, our mission is to provide the best security service to protect your community’s people, businesses, homes, and schools. To provide outstanding service to our clients, we focus on building long-term relationships by working to understand our client’s unique challenges and then developing custom security service plans to address specific needs and concerns.

We live in a connected world obsessed with the intriguing lives of celebrities, public figures, and influential people. While keeping us connected for security service is now easier than ever, this has a few drawbacks. High-profile people — movie stars, recording artists, political figures, or even influential entrepreneurs — draw not simply their share of admirers but also stalkers, passionate fans, kidnappers, extortioners, and many more others who may wish harm upon them or their nearest and dearest.

To be able to keep their security and solitude — to say nothing of the protection of the household — enlisting an executive protection agency for security service is occasionally crucial.


Whether you are looking for armed security officer or Plain clothes Agents — MPS Security can secure your location.

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MPS Security

Some MPS Security clients require 24/7 security oversight. In contrast, other clients need executive protection services for award shows, corporate events, high-stakes negotiations, and other specific engagements where protection is required. Here is just a short list of the Executive Protection Services we offer.

In some scenarios, standard security procedures may be insufficient to mitigate the risks of living a public life. A more specialized form of protection may be necessary—a type of security program that offers a more attentive and responsive approach to personal safety.

MPS Security & Protection is a seasoned, distinguished security firm with solid experience providing executive protection and bodyguard services. Our team has one goal: to provide our high-profile clients with peace of mind that their well-being is secure.

Executive protection is an elite service only offered by top executive protection companies. Extensive training and real-world experience for agents include Route Planning & Security Driving, Defensive Tactics, Tactical Firearms, Emergency First Response Secondary Care (First Aid), and more.

Our MPS agents can also mitigate best-in-class bodyguard protection services to protect family members’ safety from potential kidnapping, extortion, and stalking.

MPS Security

MPS understands that your high-net-worth lifestyle is important to who you are, and we will do everything in our power to protect it. No matter where your threat comes from, MPS Security has trained agents ready. 

MPS agents secure medical facilities county-wide, which are vital to our health and safety.

Security patrol is an essential part of safety for any business including Retail Properties, and Commercial Properties.

MPS Security guards at Public Utilities and other facilities to help ensure employees, customers, and property safety.

Our officers and agents have secured local Concerts, City Events, Riverside County Fairs, Festivals, Racing events, and more.

Providing your customers with a safe work environment is critical. Our highly visible Uniformed Security Officers will help secure your location.

When you’re looking to enhance the protection of your Palm Springs home, use an armed uniform security guard from MPS Security.

Feel safe where you live and raise your children with MPS Security officers protecting your home.

Providing your customers with a safe and enjoyable shopping experience is critical to the success of your retail stores.

We collaborate with Administrators, Educators to produce an effective security plan so our Uniformed Security Officers can promote a safe environment.

MPS Security has worked closely with the government at the local and state level to protect and secure different  locations and assets

From construction sites to storage facilities, a Uniformed Security Officer can ensure that your site is secure from theft and vandalism.

MPS Security understands the risk exposure facing organizations and individuals. Our risk mitigation team will audit and protect.

Personal Protection Bodyguard can accompany a client when they enter high-risk situations or can secure you at your residence or work.

Corporate security exists to protect enterprises and clients from unlawful activity, protection, and security risks.

Our agents have extensive law enforcement and military background. They’ve operated in countries around the world, giving them unparalleled knowledge.

Our Uniformed Security Officers Stand Out

We are the most trusted uniform security agency in this country. We’ve been securing clients for decades, so if you need trusted protection, look no further. Want to learn more about Riverside’s uniformed security service division? Reach out to MPS Security for a consultation.

Learn more about uniformed security services and about instilling peace of mind through our highly professional services. Reach out to MPS Security for a consultation.

We sincerely believe that all public figures should consider executive security programs. Here are a few of the specific benefits that working with executive protection companies can provide:

  • Our Services allow you to be proactive rather than reactive—putting a stop to security threats before they even materialize.
  • It’s reassuring not just to you and your loved ones but also to shareholders and other key personnel within your organization.
  • You can travel more efficiently and with greater peace of mind that your life, family, and belongings are being taken care of.
  • Our Executive Security Services will increase your productivity without worrying about your surroundings, security, or privacy.

Enlisting a bodyguard service isn’t just a matter of safety—though that’s naturally the top concern. It’s the ultimate reassurance for your family, business, and partners—allowing everyone to protect their livelihood with peace of mind.

Contact a Security Advisor

Our advisors at MPS security are specialized experts who work closely with you to meet your needs, your client’s needs, or your organization’s needs. With resources nationwide, we can provide local protection while providing comprehensive risk management anywhere you travel.

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    Why MPS Security is regarded as the top Professional Security Services & Executive Protection in the nation. 

    Extremely professional security group, definitely recommended for hire, met a supervisor by the name of Solstad who definitely presented the company well, with supervisors like that, i would highly suggest contracting this company.

    Albert Junior Owner

    I've worked for many security companies, and I enjoyed this one the most because they were organized and didn't micromanage. Tally Flotron is great! She is by the books, but always helpful and fair.

    Clara Jepsen CEO

    All of my interactions with this company have been professional and high quality. I recommend them for all of your security needs. Call for details they are operating in multiple states from what I understand

    Steven Chaw Manager

    One of the supervisors Denisha, a wonderful woman, kind and professional she always open for employees suggestions and problems. She is a problem solver I know her for 3 years and never heard any bad comments about her from any employee. You rock Denisha!!! All the best as you are the best.

    Jonathan Doe Manager